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Shamtek (Mechanical Metallurgy Laboratory-2)

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Research Facilities:

Cold plasma

Creep test temperature 800 to 950 °C

800 °C creep test


Micro Cutter


High temperature tensile test

Room temperature tensile test

Torsion test

Ericsson device

Fatigue test up to 10 hours

Creep test below 800 ° C

Rolling Superalloy (350 ° C to 1000 ° C)

Cold rolling of Superalloys and High strength materials

Rolling Super Alloy (up to 350 ° C)

Rolling simple samples (high temperature)

Rolling simple samples (copper alloys)


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* University students are required to register the application and complete the form in the process management system of Isfahan University of Technology at the following address:

- After confirming the request by referring to the head of the laboratory, the necessary arrangements will be made to perform the test.

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Tel: 03133912750 and 52


Address: Materials Engineering Department, Isfahan University of Technology,  Isfahan, 84156-83111, Iran.


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