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The most important postgraduate activities of the Materials Engineering department are:

  • Setup meetings of the Graduate School Specialized Council and approving the proposals of master's theses and doctoral dissertations.
  • Following up and referring the approvals of the Graduate Studies Council of the University.
  • Reviewing the bylaws to present the views of the Materials Engineering department to the Graduate Council of the University.
  • Reviewing applications related to changing or modifying the title of master's theses or doctoral dissertations
  • Entering information about proposals, grades, graduation minutes, etc. in the Golestan system.
  • Coordinating the registration of new students and the selection of courses of the graduate students.
  • Coordinating the presenting of postgraduate courses and collaborating with educational section of the department
  • Coordinating and following-up for holding comprehensive educational and research exams for the doctoral course.
  • Coordinating the defense of master's thesis and doctoral dissertation sessions.
  • Conducting the interviews related to the second step of the specialized doctoral exam and final summarizing the points of those who are eligible to enter the course.
  • Reviewing and pursuing the opening of new courses in postgraduate courses and reviewing and following up on new master's and doctoral levels.
  • Reviewing the documents and determining the points of the professors applying for incentive capacity.
  • Reviewing the documents and determining the points of the outstanding supervisors and the graduate students of the department.


Abdolmajid Eslami

Surface Engineering and Corrosion
Graduate Program Advisor, Faculty, Associate Professor
  • 03133915706
  • 03133912752
Elahe Velayati
Graduated secretary

Staff, Graduate Students Secretary
  • ۰۳۱۳۳۹۱۵۷۰۳
  • ۰۳۱۳۳۹۱۲۷۵۲

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