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Project and construction workshop (welding laboratory)

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Research Facilities:

Cutting operation

Cutting operation by Saw 

Cutting operations with table scissors

Welding operation by oxyacetylene

Magnetic stone grinding operation

RVW welding operation

FSW welding operations

GTAW welding operation

SMAW welding operation

GMAW welding operations

Drilling operations (Piercing)

Milling operations

Turning operation

Sieve analysis with numbering and angular coefficient


Determine the sinter temperature

Determine the humidity

Determination of clay

Strength (compression, shear, etc.)

Sand permeability

Sieve test (sand counting)

Powder press with matrix mandrel

Preparation Wear sample

Preparation Bending sample

Preparation Impact sample

Preparation Tensile sample 

Preparation Fatigue sample

Sample cutting by disk


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* University students are required to register the application and complete the form in the process management system of Isfahan University of Technology at the following address:

- After confirming the request by referring to the head of the laboratory, the necessary arrangements will be made to perform the test.

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Tel: 03133912750 and 52


Address: Materials Engineering Department, Isfahan University of Technology,  Isfahan, 84156-83111, Iran.



Mohsen Saneparvar

Staff, Lab Instructor
  • ۰۳۱۳۳۹۱۵۷۲۷
  • 03133912752

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