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Casting and Extraction Laboratory

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Research Facilities:

Aluminum, Aluminum bronze

Gray cast iron, Ductile iron


Bronze tin

Tube furnace (controlled by Argon atmosphere up to 1150 °C)


*(It is also possible for the faculty to provide raw materials)


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* University students are required to register the application and complete the form in the process management system of Isfahan University of Technology at the following address:

- After confirming the request by referring to the head of the laboratory, the necessary arrangements will be made to perform the test.

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Tel: 03133912750 and 52


Address: Materials Engineering Department, Isfahan University of Technology,  Isfahan, 84156-83111, Iran.




Mojtaba Sheykhi

Staff, Lab Instructor
  • ۰۳۱۳۳۹۱۵۷۵۶
  • ۰۳۱۳۳۹۱۲۷۵۲

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