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The Department of Materials Engineering was founded in 1977, the same time as the establishment of Isfahan University of Technology, to train highly qualified engineers for the metallurgical industries. At that time, the department did not have a separate and independent building and was located in a building with the departments of Civil Engineering, Mining, Mechanics and Chemical Engineering under the name of "Faculty of Materials and Energy". After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the field of materials engineering reprogramed into five distinct platforms: Iron and Steel Production; Non-ferrous Metals Production, Casting, Metal Forming and Ceramics. The Department of Materials Engineering began accepting students through two programs of Iron and Steel Production and Casting. In 1983, the Materials and Civil Engineering module (current building) was prepared and relocated to a new location.

The Department of Materials Engineering operated at the undergraduate level until 1986, and in 1987, with the admission of students in the field of Identification and Selection of Materials at the MSc level, it expanded its activities to postgraduate studies. The department started accepting students in PhD program from 1996.

Currently with 27 academic members and over 600 students the Department of Materials Engineering is one of the best and most prestigious materials engineering departments nationwide. The Department of Materials Engineering is currently active at bachelor, masters, doctoral and postdoctoral levels and has been able to train outstanding graduates, high scientific outputs. The department has achieved a great success for extensive and effective cooperating with industries, founding scientific associations, holding national and international scientific conferences, establishing the scientific pole of steel, participating in the launching of steel and nanotechnology and advanced materials research institutes, setting up of international relations and gaining other honors to occupy a high position at national and international levels.


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